An NTR New Year’s

Happy New Year to everyone! Like you, we are hoping that 2021 sees Covid-19 vanquished and whatever the new normal is it brings prosperity to all.

Our whole country celebrates the New Year with a whole week off! Part of our celebration includes sending gifts to our clients, partners and friends. But even before that, our company celebrated with a company party and ski trip.

Each New Year NTR treats it’s people to a trip to the Sheregesh ski resort. This year it was December 11-13.

Ekaterina Ivasenko, head of NTR HR:

“The trip to Sheregesh was great as always! Everyone was delighted, and even bad weather on the last day did not spoil the trip! We rode, exchanged experiences, talked, went to the bathhouse. Some of us skated (or tried to), lovers of freeriding found excellent fresh, fluffy snow, while lovers of track riding enjoyed long, wide tracks. And more!”

NTR’s New Year’s party

On December 18, NTR held an employee New Year’s party at the Kedrovaya Zaimka Nature Reserve recreation center. The center is located 20 km from Tomsk.

Ekaterina Ivasenko: 

 “The corporate party was, as always, enjoyed by all. Dances, barbecue, Russian sauna, w/ ice-hole bath after, and a special host for social deduction game.”

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