Guest Post: From Vision to Reality

Miki Saxon is the founder of RampUp Solutions, Inc. and has been both coach to and customer of NTR since 2000. Learn more about Miki here.

Whether you head a company, run a department, or lead a team, you are responsible for that ‘vision thing’ as it applies to those subordinate to you.

As founder, it’s your responsibility to identify, define and clarify the goals by which the vision becomes reality.

Then it’s up to you to involve your people, working with them to turn those goals into specific actions for which they are responsible.

 Most people are aware that work isn’t done in a vacuum, but often individuals, teams, or even departments, fail to truly understand the domino effect created by allowing their schedule to slip.

 You can minimize this problem, and improve the quality of your workforce, by making certain that they understand how their own goals, those of the company, and others’, both internal and external (customers and vendors), interact.

 The biggest rewards at all levels (using whatever incentives are available) should go to those who understand the company’s goals and ethically do whatever is necessary to achieve them—especially when they put the company’s goals ahead of their own.


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