Interview: Erik Huberman, Founder and CEO of Hawke Media

In addition to the people Yana Kazantseva, NTR’s CRO, interviewed during a recent trip to Silicon Valley, she also interviewed others by email, such as Erik Huberman, Founder and CEO of Hawke Media, based in Santa Monica.

Hawke Media is a full-service digital marketing agency.


Yana: Tell me about your business? What stage are you at? How scalable is it over what time frame? What are your company’s short and long-term goals?

Erik: Hawke Media is an outsourced CMO and marketing team for companies. We go into brands, identify holes in the marketing organization and then can spin up our team of experts based on what is needed, on an a la carte, month-to-month basis. We have worked with over 1100 brands in under 5 years and have over 150 full time employees. We have grown an average of 120% each year.

Short term goals are to start expanding into different territories and continue to build out our expertise and capabilities. Long term we want to be the premier partner to all size companies for growth all over the world.

Yana: What differences do you see in Los Angeles’s business climate from three years ago.

Erik: I would say in the past 7 years we have gone from virtually no tech and startup ecosystem to probably the most opportunity in the world. I would rather build a business in LA than anywhere else based on the resources, network and a culture of helping each other, which is very rare.

In your opinion, which overseas outsourcing companies are most trusted to develop products? Chinese, Indians or Russians? Or somewhere else?

Erik: I actually think it is really hard to outsource unless you have someone with a ton of experience next to you managing it. I also wouldn’t stereotype any of those countries as better than another, it just depends on the individuals.

Yana: Do you use remote teams/custom development or in-house engineers? Or a combination?

Erik: We use a consulting team in Seattle for our internal development needs.

Yana: Thank you very much.

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