NTR held an online conference for CIOs and CMOs of retailing companies and IT directors of IT companies

On June 18, the “Big Retail Data in a Storm” conference was held on Zoom. It was organized by NTR and Userstory.

The conference was attended by representatives from X5 Retail Group, Svyaznoy, Citilink, Splat, Kangaroo, and the League of Komersants.

Speakers and Topics

  1. “BigData to accelerate decision making in conditions of increased uncertainty” – Alexei Kashirin, Director of Intelligent Control Systems, Svyaznoy.
  2. “Customer Experience: why and how recommender systems work online” – Yan Doroshenko, head of design and engineering department, Userstory.
  3. “Development of recommender systems for retail” – Nick Mikhailovsky, CEO, NTR.
  4. “A/B testing in offline retail” – Valery Babushkin, director of Data Science, X5 Retail Group.

After the speaker presentations, the conference moved on to a discussion format, with experts sharing their experience working with Big Data. They discussed changes in approaches to Big Data, as well as how useful the data collected over the coming months during the crisis will be.

Experts of the discussion were:

Tatiana Koltunova, Head of Digital Development, Citilink.

Anna Morina, Chief Digital Officer, Splat.

Sergey Ilyukha, Ph.D., expert in category management, member of the RAERR board, expert of the RBC for retail channel.

Maxim Tverskoy, CEO, Kangaroo.

Records of all presentations and discussion can be found here [Russian].

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