NTR held an online discussion for IT directors and representatives of the pharmaceutical industry

On April 29 at Zoom NTR held an open online discussion on the topic: Will the legalization of the remote sale of drugs lead to the D2C format? 

During the discussion, representatives of pharmaceutical companies, pharmacy chains, marketplaces, and IT companies discussed the situation, working to understand the ramifications, develop recommendations for transformation and respond to current industry issues.

The Zoom meeting

Audience: The entire distribution chain in the pharmaceutical industry: representatives of pharmaceutical companies, pharmacy marketplaces, pharmacy chains, as well as representatives of IT companies.

Mission: Creating a common vision for the pharmaceutical industry of the future and making recommendations for its transformation.

Format: Live communication between participants within a set agenda, a moderator and questions from the audience


Pharma manufacturer: Ivan Glushkov, Head of external affairs department at Nizhpharm (STADA group of companies)

Retail Pharmacy: Sergey Yeskin, General Director at “Sozvezdie” marketing union, Development Director at FC “PULSE”

Marketplace: Dauren Abeuov, head of E-commerce at CV Protek, and head of online services at  ZdravCity 

Data Analytics: Stanislav Triers, CEO of Tess Technology. 

IT Company: Nikolai Mikhailovsky, CEO and co-founder of NTR Group, general director of NTR, member of the board, Synergo.

Watch our social media and join us when we share the topics discussed and main thoughts of our speakers, who approach  legalization of remote drug sales from different points of view.

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