NTR successfully holds its first meetup for IT directors in Moscow

On March 5 NTR opened a series of IT director meetups in Moscow. The idea is to share cases, i.e., we tell our stories and invite other speakers to tell theirs.

The first meetup was dedicated to “video analytics in industry.” Systems implementation based on deep learning technology is one of the main competencies of NTR. These days video analytics have become an increasingly popular solution for automating complex processes in manufacturing enterprises.

Meetup speakers:

1. Vadim Schemelinin, SIBUR Video analytics in petrochemistry:

  • Features for solving problems in video analytics during production. 
  • The main cases in the petrochemical industry.
  • Development inside and out and what, besides the detection algorithm, is necessary for solving problems.

2. Alexander Pazin, 3DiVi Using facial recognition technology for system access:

  • Application of Face Recognition in control systems for solving a number of specific tasks, such as integration with the existing landscape of equipment, systems and services. 
  • Proper implementation of the solution, taking into account the characteristics of the enterprise and the legal field of the technology.
  • Possible problems of the facial recognition system and ways to solve them.

3. Nick Mikhailovsky, NTR – “VideoAI.NTR Platform”:

  • Cases of recognition of actions and objects in the industry
  • VideoAI.NTR – constructor for recognition systems.

NTR has been developing complex systems for 19 years, including those that use neural networks to recognize objects and situations on photo or video materials. Nick spoke about two cases:

Case 1: System for monitoring the sanitary condition of rolling stock.

The main task of the developed system is to visually check car condition after technical washing to identify defects in the washing and paintwork and to generate reports for system users.

Case 2: Control system for repair work in elevator shafts. 

There are twenty actions that need to be done in a specific order to carry out elevator repairs. In order to automate control that we created a system that recognizes each action individually and controls the order it’s performed in. An alarm needed to be given if an action was not performed or performed out of order.

Our solution

The VideoAI.NTR platform, which is a video analytics systems constructor drawing on NTR’s experience in the field of both photo and video recognition. The modular structure of the platform allows it to quickly create a new video analytics system and integrate it with the systems of the client company.

The VideoAI.NTR platform allows you to automate:

  • Monitoring the condition of machines, mechanisms and structures.
  • Monitoring the implementation of processes by a person.

NTR’s CEO Nick Mikhailovsky nickm@ntrlab.com  

Welcome to our next meetup!

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