NTR webinar: Automatic detection of the meaning of words in collocations

On December 1 Olga Kolesnikova, PhD Computer Science, M.Sc. Linguistics, Lecturer and Researcher at the National Polytechnic Institute, Mexico city, Mexico, held a technical Zoom webinar on “Automatic detection of the meaning of words in collocations.”

Screenshot from the webinar

One of the main tasks of natural language processing is word meaning detection. Its main challenge is the polysemy of words, that is, their meaning changes depending on the context. 

The presentation reported on detecting the meaning of words used in collocations, which are recurrent word combinations. The meaning of words in collocations is represented by lexical functions, a fundamental concept of the “Meaning-Text” theory by I. A. Melchuk. Machine learning and neural networks were used to detect lexical functions.

The presentation in Russian is available here.

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