NTR Webinar: Speeding Up and Сompression of Convolutional Neural Networks

NTR organizes and hosts technical webinars about neural networks and invites speakers from all over the world to lead them. Webinars are held on Tuesdays and most are in Russian. 

On July 6 Konstantin Sobolev, Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology, Moscow, Russia led a technical Zoom webinar on Speeding Up and Сompression of Convolutional Neural Networks. 

About the webinar: 

Over the past decade, convolutional neural networks have become widespread in a wide range of computer vision problems. 

However, their effective use for solving practical problems is hindered by a number of disadvantages: high computational complexity, high consumption of memory and energy. 

In this report, we considered methods that allow us to reduce these shortcomings and make it possible to use convolutional neural networks on devices with limited resources.

Webinar recording (in Russian)

Webinar presentation (in English) Moderator and contact: NTR CEO Nick Mikhailovsky: nickm@ntrlab.com.

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