NTR Zoomed a webinar on improving the classification accuracy using Convolutional Neural Networks

On June 2 Ivan Danilovich, machine learning developer at NTR and student of HITs TSU, led the webinar: “Improving the classification accuracy using convolutional neural networks: Contrastive Learning, MixUp, Resolution Alignment”.

Slide from PPT

The presentation was the result of actual work performed with neural nets in order to improve bedridden patient classification. The presentation included examples of code implementation using the techniques, test results on open datasets.  

NTR regularly holds internal seminars for our employees, partners and student interns. We share information about scientific articles, work achievements and present cases. Since the advent of the coronavirus we have moved to webinars on Zoom and have made the webinars open to all. The format involves a scientific report, communication, exchange of ideas, and questions. The webinars are in Russian. If you have interest in attending or presenting please contact nickm@ntrlab.com

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