Our long-term client was written up by the Russian Newspaper

Considering all the bad news lately, it was with more than the usual excitement that NTR Lab learned that Evraz Group (EVRAZ), a major customer, was written up by the Russian Newspaper (a newspaper published by the Russian Government). 

NTR Lab has been developing custom software for Evraz Group PLC for many years. 

EVRAZ is a multinational, vertically integrated steel making and mining company with headquarters in London. It’s operations are mainly in Russia, but it’s also active in Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Italy, the Czech Republic, the United States, Canada, and South Africa. 

We helped them with digitalization in three areas: 

  • projects related to the safety of workers;
  • projects to improve production efficiency; and 
  • projects aimed at improving the convenience of work for employees. 

Currently we are developing video surveillance, video analytics, and mobile applications for online monitoring of production and security systems.

We are pleased to share the Russian Newspaper article on EVRAZ. We are proud of our contributions to their use of comprehensive digital solutions to improve the safety, efficiency and convenience of its workers.
Article link [in Russian]: New technologies attract the young.

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