Recommended Reading: Deep Learning Hardware

Recently our engineers found a useful article they felt worth sharing; A Full Hardware Guide to Deep Learning by Tim Dettmers.

“Deep Learning is very computationally intensive, so you will need a fast CPU with many cores, right? Or is it maybe wasteful to buy a fast CPU? One of the worst things you can do when building a deep learning system is to waste money on hardware that is unnecessary. Here I will guide you step by step through the hardware you will need for a cheap high-performance system.

Over the years, I built a total of 7 different deep learning workstations and despite careful research and reasoning, I made my fair share of mistake in selecting hardware parts. In this guide, I want to share my experience that I gained over the years so that you do not make the same mistakes that I did before.”

Read the rest of this most useful article at Tim’s blog and don’t miss the comments, too!

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