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Guest post. If the Shoe Fits: Hiring Responsibility

Today Miki Saxon has contributed a guest post for us  with a great advice for startups that are just hiring a team. Miki Saxon is the founder of RampUp Solutions, Inc. and has been both coach to and customer of NTR since 2000. Learn more about Miki here.

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Whose responsibility or fault, if you’re feeling judgmental, is it if a hire goes south?

No matter the circumstances, that dubious honor lies with the hiring manager.

In the decades I’ve worked with hiring managers I’ve heard every conceivable (and inconceivable) reason, but none shifted the de facto responsibility (blame, if you prefer).

Most of the time managers’ claim some variation of ‘the candidate lied…’

Of course, that’s what reference checks are for.

Often it’s the manager who doesn’t

  • sufficiently think through the job;
  • consider the current team’s competencies;
  • accurately share the culture; or
  • was even consciously aware of the culture;
  • consider the candidate’s career interests;
  • etc., etc.

The main thing to remember is what good hiring actually means:

Hiring the right person into the right position at the right time and for the right reasons.

Change any “right” in this sentence to “wrong” and you’ll end up with a bad hire, but a bad hire does not mean a bad person.

Bad hires have four basic ingredients—

all of which are a function of the hiring manager’s MAP and can be overcome.

Founders, like many managers in larger companies, frequently claim they are too busy to take time to lay the groundwork for solid hires and then wonder why they make hiring blunders.

Poor hiring leads to high turnover.

High turnover shrinks your candidate pool because it wrecks your street rep and street reps are forever—good, bad or indifferent—nothing fades away in this digital age.

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