US Roadshow: NTR @ San Francisco

Last week NTR’s live Drone Demo blew minds in Houston. Our team celebrated with a lot of great food and an assortment of appropriate beverages. Saturday the drone team engineers left the US for home.

Sunday, February 17

On Sunday Yana and Nick submerged themselves in culture. They visited the Contemporary Arts Museum and The Museum of Fine Arts that has wonderful exhibits of Maya and Aztec art.

NM 2

Sam Houston Park

NM 1

Matisse from different periods

Then Nick and Yana headed for San Francisco. Their flight was routed through Atlanta and, of course, delayed. In SF they will be meeting with a variety or IT companies and friends. They are staying in an authentically restored 19th century Mission District Victorian mansion, which is now a hotel.

SF 1

Living room

SF 2

Tuesday, February 19

Yana: We had six meetings (fortunately, one of them included food) starting  in Palo Alto and ending with dinner in Sunnyvale at our friend’s house. We were returning late and the last Caltrain was delayed 40 minutes. A guy we met at the station was also heading for SF, so we decided to share a taxi. It turned out the guy was from Lyft, a competitor of Uber. He was Russian and we were speaking Russian until the taxi driver asked where we were from and what language we were speaking. We switched to speak English and our driver told us he was from Fiji. He said that Fiji is the most beautiful island in the world, with the cleanest water.

Wednesday, February 20

In the afternoon we met a potential client in such the very cool Gallery café. They have the best coffee and are in the center of San Francisco.


Gallery Café

And then we went to look at the sea lions on (literally) Pier 39

Pier 39 1

Talk about laid back!

Pier 39 3

Nick loves the sea lions.
Afterwards, Yana went to the Women in Sales meetup event.

Meet up 2

Women in Sales

Meet up 3


Saturday we will attend DroneDEV 2019, an event for engineers, developers, drone pilots & enthusiasts to learn about the latest drone tech.

Yana will be in Silicon Valley till February 26, feel free to contact her.

Next stop for Nick: Los-Angeles, February 23-26, then Canada (Toronto) February 27- March 3.

Contact us for an appointment. We’d love to hear from you.

NTR CEO Nick Mikhailovsky

NTR CRO Yana Kazantseva, Skype: yana.kazantseva.

Website: NT Robotics.

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