International Programmers’ Day

Today (September 13), 256th day of the year is International Programmers’ Day.

Congratulations to all programmers! May your code rock and your bugs be few. We wish you all more great ideas and more interesting tasks.

Thank you for turning client ideas into cool software! Thank you for solving problems, providing security solutions and working long hours when the project called for it.

Happy coding! : )

Honor your programming friends with cards designed just for them.

Programmers’ Day 1

Programmers’ Day 2

Programmers’ Day 3

Programmers’ Day 4

Programmers’ Day 5

Of course, cocktails are better than cards:

Cocktails for Programmers’ day

Cocktails for Programmers’ day v2.0

For reference

International Programmers’ Day celebrates the positive changes that programmers make to improve our everyday lives. International Programmers’ Day was launched in 2007 to honor programmers. It is usually held on January 7, but is also popularly celebrated on September 13, or on September 12 in leap years. The day is celebrated in many countries.

Many people observe International Programmers’ Day on the 256th day of the year because “256” (28) is the number of distinct values that can be represented with an 8-bit byte, and 256 is the highest power of 2 that is less than 365, the number of days in a year.

On the 9th September there was another professional holiday – Tester’s day. Congratulations on belated holiday! Thank you for finding the bugs and making sure everything works well!

For reference

Tester’s Day story.  

“On September 9, 1945, Grace Hopper, a computer scientist at Harvard University, was running tests on the Mark II Calculator (designed by Howard Aiken) when she found a moth that had landed between two solenoid contacts, shorting out an electromechanical relay.

Hopper removed the squashed bug and taped it to the project’s logbook with the notation: “First actual case of bug being found.” Hopper had carried out the first “debugging” and coined the term that would become synonymous with the identification and elimination of the frustrating glitches that cause computers to malfunction.”

Dear programmers and testers, thank you for everything you’ve done! We appreciate all your hard work and hope you have/had a wonderful day!

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