Meet NT Robotics and its new website

After two and a half years of internal incubation NTR Lab has spun off its robotics activities as a stand-alone company, NT Robotics.

Now, we are proud to announce the public launch of our completely autonomous drone and the NT Robotics website, with a photo session of our drone in action.

Drone website

The website provides full information about our autonomous indoor navigation system  and the value it offers while solving your problems.

You’ll find complete information about the technology (SLAM, sensors, photo-shooting payload, obstacle avoidance and advanced routing).

Along with the core features (fully autonomous, accustomed to the unknown, robust in tough conditions, adaptive).

And our drone in action (technical inspections, mining and quarrying, construction, public security).

Drone website 2

We’ll be adding more content over time to help you evaluate whether our drones, crawlers, and other moving machines that work without GPS and radio control in complex magnetic environments and total darkness are right for you.

Our fully operational drone is currently on it’s first US roadshow and will be demoing for the public on February 13 @ BBL Ventures Launch Event. (Click the link to receive your free invite.)

And be sure to check out NT Robotics new site.

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