Nick Mikhailovsky, General Director of NTR, spoke at the IT City meetup

On November 26, IT City, together with Sibur Digital, held a meetup focused on “The Role of Big Data and Data Science to Increase the Company’s Efficiency.” 

Nick Mikhailovsky, General Director of NTR, made a presentation “Metric dives, centaurs and the boundaries of digitalization.”

Digitization is the transfer of decision making from human to machine. However, it is impossible to completely transfer decisions from a person to a machine, because a decision can affect the fate of other people and there must be a person who is legally responsible for such a decision. For example, decisions that restrict the rights of people or organizations. 

In making such decisions, systems based on machine learning can only be useful when paired with a human.

Just as the horse once gave a person superior ability to move, so artificial intelligence, used in close conjunction with a person, will give them intellectual superiority. Let’s call such a person a centaur.

Metric dives like Word2vec are well known in modern neural network practice. They can be used not only as building blocks for solving complex computational linguistics problems, but also as the basis for user interfaces for decision makers. 

Nick discussed the different metric dives and their representations that are convenient for data analysis.

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