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It is part of our company’s culture to take part in IT Conferences around the world. We go for many reasons, as speakers,  to learn about the latest tech and trends, to meet people with the same tech passion, and, last, but not least, to meet companies with which to collaborate.

We attended two conferences in May, the first was the two-day SPRINT ROBOTICS 2018 Robotics Showcasing and Demonstration Events in Richmond and Pittsburg, California. (We’ll tell you about the other next week.)

SPRINT ROBOTICS describes the event this way.

“Using robotics in the domain of technical inspection and maintenance of capital intensive infrastructure is of vital importance because of the urgency to minimize the impact on safety and the environment. Developments in this domain are moving very fast, and we invite you to come and see some of the solutions that the market has to offer!.”

NTR Lab was one of the participants, along with

In the short video below you can see the introductions of different companies and their robotics.

Thanks to Fiori Films for the video.

Watch our CEO Nick Mikhailovsky and our drone at 1:40.


We were  there to showcase  the unique guidance software for drones  developed by our AI team.

Our company provides software for self-navigating drones that can work indoors, without light and/or GPS. If you think a drone could help solve your business challenge talk to us. We can program it for your exact needs.

CEO of NTR Lab Nick Mikhailovsky shared his impressions after the Conference.

When inspectors need to make visual, technical inspections, for example, an oil tank, they are accompanied  by either a staff pilot, a hard-to-find, expensive specialist, with a long learning curve, or operating staff who can climb the wall and do the inspection manually.

Think how much simpler, less costly, and much safer it would be if inspectors could do the inspection with just a self-navigating drone.

At the Conference, many different kinds of robots were presented. Different classifications, such as Aerial Vehicles, Ground Vehicles, Underwater Vehicles. Crawler that use X-ray, sensors, and ride on wheels, that go into pipes.

We were the only company with a drone that didn’t need manual control because it has NTR’s software for GPS denied environments.

We can implement our software in any robot that needs to move by itself. 


Our team at our display booth: Maria Krasilova and Marat Zaripov.

May 15th: Indoor tabletop presentations and technology showcase.

Richmond, California.



Journalist interviewing our CEO, Nick Mikhailovsky

May 16th: Outdoors, live demonstrations. Pittsburg, California.



NTR staff came to the event from different locations.

The next event is focused on inspection and maintenance; get the details at the SPRINT ROBOTICS website.

We highly recommend attending events such as the SR conference! It’s an awesome experience! Check your industry’s conference calendar to determine which ones are relevant to your business, as well as IT Conferences just to stay current and network.


Remember that NTR are drone software development gurus. Contact our CEO Nick Mikhailovsky directly at to explore what drones can do for your business.

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