NT Robotics @ Commercial UAV Expo Europe in Amsterdam

NT Robotics, NTR’s drone spin-off, exhibited last week at the Commercial UAV Expo Europe in Amsterdam. It is the leading pan-European trade show and conference for the commercial drone market. It focuses on: Construction, Energy & Utilities, Forestry & Agriculture, Infrastructure & Transportation, Public Safety & Emergency Services, Security Surveying & Mapping.

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NT Robotics team and our pet drone at the booth. Our indoor navigation software is unique, so we love to show it off.

Other exhibiting companies were from Italy, Netherlands, Poland, Switzerland, Serbia, Israel, Belgium, Canada, the US, China, Germany, Slovenia, France, England, United Kingdom, Luxembourg, Hong Kong, Norway, Ireland and Slovak Republic.

Most of the drones were large, for outdoor use and required pilots.

Most attendees were also working in the drone industry: drone insurance, cameras, boat inspections, pipeline inspections, tunnel inspections, ship inspections, bridge inspections, stack inspections, UAS repair service centers, lecturers at universities, 3D printer companies that make drone parts, IMU producers, mini drones 200gm, recharge landing stations, issue flight licenses, outdoor mapping, encoders to stream video, 3D city map makers, etc.

I talked with visitors about what they were looking for at the expo and if they found it, they replied yes, they found some interesting stuff. It was the right place to get new ideas.

Flights inside the Drone Cage were cool. One small drone could go inside a pipe and the operator could see what the drone sees.

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This was our first dedicated drone expo, which is why there was a lot more interest in our unique software and we made more solid connections than we have at more general expos.

There were a lot of visitors, the first day we greeted them from 10 am to 5 pm non-stop. Many countries, from Colombia to Singapore, many professionals, from engineers, with detailed knowledge of drones, to government managers looking for solutions.

We’d like to thank the organizers for producing such a great event. It takes a lot of effort to organize a successful conference & expo, especially in a foreign country.

It was really busy, useful, informative and I think everyone found it valuable!

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Here are the details of the solution we presented and why it is unique.

A truly Autonomous Indoor Navigation System that requires no light, GPS or human intervention. It is a platform for developing applications for industrial drones.

Navigation system

Fully autonomous.

Original SLAM implementation working with a carefully selected set of sensors.

The navigation system is compatible with most robotic platforms.

It navigates without GPS, in a complex magnetic environment, in total darkness, and without radio control.

Does not require pre-existing maps.

Product line

Navigation kit: can be installed on any robot or drone to provide totally autonomous indoor navigation capability in total darkness.

Payload kit: includes navigation kit and a sensitive global-shutter camera synchronized with a powerful light source. It can be installed on any drone to provide indoor navigation capability in total darkness. Also allows the drone to perform surface coverage, with high-quality imagery for technical inspections purposes.

Small industrial drone: turnkey 24” drone for technical inspection of tanks.

Large industrial drone: turnkey 32” drone for technical inspections.

Use cases:

  1. Technical inspections (e.g., oil tank)
  2. Data harvesting
  3. Mining and ore processing (e.g., inside the tunnel after explosions)
  4. Security systems (e.g., foreign objects on subway tracks)
  5. Construction

Drone website: NT Robotics.

Our technology is unique, innovative and advanced.

We specialize in technical inspections. We are available and interested in opportunities for test flights and pilot projects around the world. We can place our software in other hardware, as well as  drones and crawlers. (It’s our super power.)
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We are happy to send more information to interested parties at no obligation. And we appreciate your passing our information on to companies that need technical inspections.


NTR CEO Nick Mikhailovsky nickm@ntrlab.com.

NTR CRO Yana Kazantseva ykazantseva@ntrlab.com, Skype: yana.kazantseva.

NTR Marketing Manager Daria Petrova dpetrova@ntrlab.com.

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