NT Robotics now listed in the Commercial UAV News Buyer’s Guide

NT Robotics is listed into Commercial UAV News Buyer’s Guide. It is the only on-line resource available to connect buyers and sellers of sUAS technology and related services. Buyers can find solutions and services when searching.

NT Robotics listing says:

NT Robotics’ Autonomous Indoor Navigation System can be used in drones, crawlers, and other existing robots. The system allows them to perform technical inspections inside oil tanks, mines, subways, warehouses, etc., in conditions where there is no GPS, light, or preexisting maps, and without pilots.

Inspections using drones or crawlers equipped with the NT Robotic system save time, money and lives. 

NT Robotics also offers drones that come fully equipped and can be customized for your exact needs, along with our Autonomous Indoor Navigation System that can be installed in your own drones and robots.

NT Robotics is a spinoff of NTR Lab, which has been developing custom software for more than 20 years.

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