NTR and Sinergo took part in the MINEX Mining & Exploration Forum

From October 6 – 8 MINEX Russia 2020, the16th Mining & Exploration Forum, was held in Moscow. NTR and Sinergo, members of NTR Group, took part in the expo.

Konstantin Davkaev, CEO of Sinergo Soft Systems, gave two presentations at the conference.

The possibilities of 1C: Mining Industry 2 

The mining industry is multilevel and labor-intensive. Standard software products do not solve the challenges facing companies. 

Sinergo has developed an industry-specific solution to automate the full cycle of work: from field development to shipping management. With the help of modern IT technologies it is possible to reduce the costs of mining companies, both large holdings and small businesses. Today I will tell you  about the various techniques used by successful companies in Russia and neighboring countries.

1C: ERP Mining Industry 2: integrating automation of two divisions of Industrial and Metallurgical Holding 
At Plot Koksovy and the washing plant Berezovskaya an integrated enterprise management system was created based on the 1C: ERP Mining Industry 2 system. 

The transparency of the enterprise was ensured and the quality of business process management was improved as the result of

  • a single entry system for economic and technological operations; 
  • the main and auxiliary production processes were reduced by maximizing usage of the means of integration with existing systems, including labor costs for accounting, preparation, and analysis of reports.

Software products developed by Sinergo facilitate automating a full range of processes from the owner to the dispatcher. Sinergo’s extensive experience is unique and is in demand by Russian mining companies, as well as neighboring countries.

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