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There are lots of links in this post, since the event was full of great meetings and information!

Last week the NTR Lab team attended AI Expo Europe in Amsterdam. We were there to present our Autonomous UAV (drone) for technical inspections.

AI Expo Europe

Source: AI Expo

It was really big and a great event. The number of participants was impressive. The levels and diversity of discussion were outstanding! Thanks very much to the organizers who created an amazing atmosphere! We really enjoyed taking part in it!

NTR Lab CRO Yana Kazantseva shares her impressions:

“The venue was large and open, mitigating the usual overcrowding.

While the purpose of the conference was commercial, we stood out as an industrial application, since the majority were geared to business and management.

Our booth showed a video of our drone and our staff, including our CEO and several senior tech experts, were available at all times to explain and (of course) sell our unique technology.

Many of the people we met were from South America — Chile, Bolivia, Peru. There is an AI boom in South America. They were especially interested in our autonomous drones; they saw a major application for checking how crops grow in the mountains where there is no GPS.

This conference provided many ideas for new applications of our autonomous UAVs, as well as establishing mutually beneficial contacts, including Shell, for the future.”

Conferences are always a good way to meet people in the industry. Here is list of  the great companies that exhibited in the AI, IoT and Blockchain venues, including us.

Learn more about these companies by visiting and following them.

AI Expo exhibition area.


904Labs A.I.: Facebook / Twitter / LinkedIn

ADANI: Facebook / LinkedIn

Aiir Innovations: Facebook / Twitter / LinkedIn



Botsquad: Facebook / Twitter

Bottos: Facebook / Twitter

BPU Holdings: Facebook / Twitter / LinkedIn / Instagram

BrainCreators: Facebook / Twitter / LinkedIn


Effect.AI: Facebook / Twitter / LinkedIn

GoDataDriven: Twitter / LinkedIn / Instagram

Innovation in Motion: Facebook / Twitter / LinkedIn

IoTIFY: Facebook / Twitter / LinkedIn

Media Distillery: Facebook / Twitter / LinkedIn / Instagram

Mind Trace: Twitter / LinkedIn

ML6: Facebook / Twitter / LinkedIn

NTR LAB: Facebook / Twitter / LinkedIn

ORTEC: Facebook / LinkedIn

Porter: Facebook / Twitter / LinkedIn

Prosper BI: Twitter / LinkedIn

Serket: Instagram / LinkedIn

Sightcorp: Facebook / Twitter / LinkedIn

SODAQ’s: Facebook / Twitter / LinkedIn

StartupAmsterdam: Facebook / Twitter / LinkedIn

Ticketless: Twitter

Zazu: Facebook / Twitter / LinkedIn

The next day at the Beurs van Berlage, Amsterdam’s great conference center, there was another cool event called Blockchain: Rethink Trust: “the iconic tech event from Silicon Valley is coming to Europe. The first blockchain engineering conference built for engineering trust in the enterprise.” We were also there, because we do blockchain.

If you have questions contact either Nick or Yana.

NTR CEO Nick Mikhailovsky nickm@ntrlab.com.

NTR CRO Yana Kazantseva ykazantseva@ntrlab.com, Skype: yana.kazantseva.

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