The 38th GITEX TECHNOLOGY WEEK, the biggest & boldest technology show in MENA (The Middle East and North Africa) & South Asia, happened October 14-18th at the Dubai World Trade Centre. The co-located event was GITEX FUTURE STARS, the fastest growing global startup event in MENA & South Asia.

Attendees came from more than 120 countries, which is actually half the world!

There were 24 Dedicated Exhibiting Zones including: artificial intelligence, smart home, smart workplace, future transportation, blockchain and much more!



As a part of this smart event attendees could use Konduko for Visitors, which is an easily used smart badge that collects information from the various exhibitors and emails it to the badge holder at the end of each day. Exhibitors had Konduko Readers, which collected the contact information of booth visitors. All they had to do was touch the reader with their badge to receive emails. It’s a very useful tool. Really smart solution!

Also available was GITEX ConneXions, an app that allows users to connect with exhibitors at GITEX with just one tap! They can search by company name, products & solutions, send meeting invites, and start conversations. Pretty cool.

GITEX 2018 (3)Lucy Chizhova (left), pre-sales engineer and Yana Kazantseva, CRO

Yana Kazantseva, CRO of NTR Lab, attended the event to learn, connect and, most importantly, to introduce our autonomous drone. She shares her experience below:

I found an excellent level of conference organization and the space was well-arranged. Everything was done using high-tech beautifully!

This show was so great [well known around Dubai] that all the taxi drivers knew where to go with just the word “Gitex.” The exhibition itself was so large that it looked like a small city. The exhibition area was divided into thematic sectors, such as government, IT, AI, smart roads, etc. Separating them were meeting areas with tables and chairs where you could grab a coffee, meet, network, rest, etc.

The exhibition featured many technology companies and startups from America and China. There were many visitors from UAE, the States and India.

There were many booths from RTA, the Roads and Transport Authority, which is the major independent government roads & transportation authority in Dubai. They have many urgent tasks to inspect road surfaces, as well as overhead and underground metro rails.

For us, one of RTA’s most interesting tasks is safety and technical inspections, because our drone can solve many of these challenges. We showed RTA personnel how our drone can help address these issues and are negotiating the best way to move forward.

My meetings with potential clients were scheduled practically minute-by-minute, among them were representatives of companies from Canada and Dubai. Mostly I was asked about use cases, such as

  • Russia: drone technical inspection of Moscow Metro (test flights);
  • Netherlands: drone technical inspection of oil barrels;
  • Chile: our drone scans and builds a 3D model of the space inside the mining tunnel, before people and equipment enter to work, for example, to install explosives.

Currently, there is move to digitize everything across the Emirates, but there is a serious lack of technically trained personnel. One result of this talent shortage is an agreement between Russia and the UAE to supply Russian engineers.

In Dubai there is a specially created Russian Center of Digital Innovations and Information Communications Tech (ICT) in UAE. It is the heart of activity in UAE and Middle East for Russian IT and tech companies. We met with them in order to generate interest in NTR and succeeded.

All things considered, our trip was huge success! We met and are in serious discussions with several companies/groups, such as RTA and Russian Center of Digital Innovations and ICT in UAE. We learned a lot, the networking was superb and I made new friends.

Here are quick links to exhibitor brochures and products.

And you can watch GITEX 2018 – Day 5 Highlights:

Source: GitexTechWeek YouTube channel

Contact NTR CRO Yana Kazantseva, ykazantseva@ntrlab.com or Skype her: yana.kazantseva

About our drone:
NTR Lab has developed a navigation system for GPS-denied environments based on state-of-the-art SLAM (Simultaneous Location and Mapping) technology. A drone equipped with NTR’s navigation system can operate autonomously in a closed, totally dark environment, such as an oil tank. Additionally, the drone can move in a previously unknown environment to build its own map, as well as avoiding newly discovered obstacles.

NTR Lab’s UAV navigation system’s usage is not limited to oil tanks inspections. It was just as effective in test flights in the Moscow subway, ship tanks and large retail warehouses. Additional applications include rescue operations, surveillance systems, goods delivery, any kind of internal examinations, etc., plus the software can be tweaked for use in other types of robots.

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