NTR Lab headquarters has a new home in Moscow!

We are excited to announce that we have moved our Moscow headquarters to a new office! It’s a better location and much bigger space!

We asked NTR CEO Nick Mikhailovsky to tell the story of the company’s offices since the beginning.



I co-founded NTR in 2000 and the first office we had was located in the VNIIINSTRUMENT (Russian Research & Development Tooling Institute) building. We used to say that the office was on the roof of the Motherland. It really was so, because the Motherland cinema stood next to us and from our window the view was its roof. At the very beginning we shared the office with a therapist and to get to his office people had to walk through our work area! And when one of our guys worked too late to get home they would sleep on the therapist’s couch.

VNIIINSTRUMENT was an office building for a group of small firms founded by former colleagues and the executives of these firms, including NTR, hired a doctor as an analogue of insurance, similar to what we have done in Tomsk with Tevelevich. (NTR has an agreement with a private hospital and pays 50% of cost for its employees). We worked in that office for 2-3 years until we grew to more than 10 and no longer fit.


Somewhere in 2003 we moved to an office not too far away on Bukhvostova Street near the Preobrazhenskaya Ploshchad metro station. It was the NIIDAR building (Scientific and Research Institute for Long-Distance Radio Communications), which was recently demolished and a residential complex was built there. One of the buildings was three stories and we had 1.5-2 room office in it. We bought plants for the office, but they all died when Tanya Andreeva went on maternity leave. We worked there from 2003 to 2008.

The office couldn’t accommodate more than 18 people, which was OK, because that was when we started to grow an office in Tomsk. Back then Tomsk was relatively inexpensive, with many universities and good recruiting. (It still has the universities and good candidates, but it is no longer inexpensive!)


Back in Moscow they kept raising our rent and in 2008 our patience ran out and we moved. We had been looking for a new office for a long time and at finally moved to one on Dmitrovskoye Shosse, but it was a peculiar building. These days it has fairly good transport accessibility, but back then it didn’t. The building was newly renovated, the entrance was impressive with lions and similar things, but it had a significant drawback. Because the front was so beautiful no air conditioners could be installed there, that is, none that could be seen from the front side of the building. It was livable until 2010 when Moscow was a hellish inferno in the summer. Our office was on the top floor front and all day was baking in the sun, without any air conditioning. We survived that summer, but, once again, went office hunting.


In 2011 we moved to a building with air conditioning (although no summer since has been as hot) on Rustaveli and have lived there happily for seven years.

The Moscow office started actively growing in 2014. At that time we fit on one large room, which has escalated into three large rooms. Our conversations hinged on whether to rent another room or look for new space. We decided to go office hunting yet again.

One thing we decided was that we needed excellent transport accessibility and our new location has that, because it is close to the Butyrskaya metro station. Marat, who works in HR, found the office for us and we have made the move. A nice bonus is that for the same money as the Rustaveli office we have significantly more space, which, you have to admit, is very cool.


Yana Kazantseva, NTR CRO describes new office:

The new office is in a large, modern office building. We are located on the sixth floor. Originally it was a large assembly hall with six meter (20 foot) ceilings and a huge screen on one whole wall. We used IKEA shelving as dividers to turn the area into a modern, open workspace.

Moscow office 1

Our office has a meeting room, an area with a sofa and armchairs and a balcony with ottomans. The building has a coffee shop on the first floor and a dining room in the basement.

We bought plants and are going to hang pictures on the walls. The shelves are filled with books that colleagues bring to the office.

Moscow office 2

We are located just a 7 minute walk from the Butyrskaya metro station. Nearby there are several similar office buildings with cafes and canteens. There is plenty of parking and a smoking area  in the courtyard of the office building.

Since 2011, the office in Tomsk has been located in a large, futuristic building, with modern and spacious offices unlike Moscow before the move. It was in a former factory building with small rooms and corridors.

Now both offices are located in large, modern buildings, with excellent offices and all my colleagues are glad.

Moscow office 3 (2)

NTR Lab headquarters new address:

47 Sheremetyevskaya Street, Fifth Floor, Suite 518, Moscow, 127521, Russian Federation

New phone number: +7-499-553-65-58

You are welcome to visit us!

Has your office moved? If so, please share your office moving story.

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