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U-NOVUS2018 was held on the 10-13th October 2018 in Tomsk, Siberia.

U-NOVUS is a scientific forum that uses a polygon format of the joint work of large companies, universities, scientific organizations and technology businesses. The forum events took place at multiple locations around Tomsk. Participants took part in workshops, hackathons, art residences, lectures, and networking.

The main topics of the forum were digitalization, “green” technologies, and knowledge management. The organizer is the Administration of the Tomsk Region with the support of the Ministry of Education and Science and the Ministry of Economic Development of Russian Federation. Among the businesses participating were SIBUR, Gazprom Neft, Rosatom, and Inter RAO.



Opening ceremony.

This was the fifth U-NOVUS and there were more than 3,500 attendees. The forum participants were asked to find solutions to applied problems posed by large companies. Some of NTR’s staff attended and shared their impressions below.

Workshop: Digitization of production (PJSC SIBUR Holding)

Tatiana Nikolakhina, HR Director at NTR Lab:

I liked the format of the workshop itself. Very effective format. There were representatives from business, education, and power and they all worked together on one task. It was very productive.




Tatiana at the workshop.

Workshop: Digital Solutions for Smart Cities (State Corporation Rosatom)

Konstantin Stepanenko, Business Development Manager at NTR Lab:

I was at the Smart Cities workshop with Ivan Stolyarov. The goal was to work out the concept of a “smart city” using Tomsk for the study. Speakers from Rusatom showed their product, which is still developing.

We learned about the problems of Tomsk, which could be solved with the help of digitalization, from representatives of government and business.

Now I have a new understanding of the “smart city” concept and the steps necessary to implement the idea.

There were a lot of interesting people with whom we discussed the IT industry’s everyday life and current problems / solutions.

Ivan Stolyarov, Project Manager at NTR Lab:

Konstantin stated everything correctly. I will add that an initiative group is being created to introduce the smart city project that was tried in one town already. At the end of the workshop a roadmap was formed, which describes the steps to implement the smart city. In my opinion, there is a good opportunity for NTR to get involved in the process and create a product that may later be sold, not only to our city, but also to other cities.

U-NOVUS 4Konstantin and Ivan at the workshop.

Source: U-NOVUS

Workshop: Improving the efficiency of existing thermal power plants through the use of digital technologies (PJSC Inter RAO)

Egor Polilov, Lead Programmer at NTR Lab:

Inter RAO needed inspection drones for monitoring industrial sites, workshops, machine rooms, the condition of the process equipment, evaluation of surface defects on heating boilers, etc.

R&D project topic: software development for evaluating defects in heating surfaces of boilers using UAVs.

Project objectives: 1) reduce the cost of repairs of power boilers and damages in case of violation of terms of standardized repairs. 2) Creation of commercial software products: UAV control in the catch of the internal space of the boiler and defect detection.

Qualitative indicators of economic efficiency of the project: reducing labor boiler repairs, inspection of heating surfaces (since human access is not possible), high reliability (quality) survey.

I presented the NTR’s drone and showed a video of the flight in the barrel and odometer tests. All three days of the workshop focused exclusively on NTR Lab! The participants and organizers were delighted! The queue of potential customers did not let me go even in the smoking room. We acquired two customers and many solid leads.

U-NOVUS 5 (2)

Egor at U-NOVUS.

Workshop: Digital Hospital (CSR North-West, GE Healthcare, SibMed)

Alexander Reimche, Project Manager at NTR Lab:

The goal was to automate processes in which the participation of medical specialists is not necessary, provide fast electronic access to the patient’s medical history for doctors, and ensure the reliability of treatment and patient history using modern IT technologies. During the workshop a large number of weaknesses in the existing system were identified. The collaborators of various IT companies and medical institutions jointly formulated a common vision for the concept of the Digital Hospital and identified aspects of inter-sectoral cooperation for its implementation.

The forum itself was well organized; all the details were thought out establishing and facilitating comfortable interaction between the participants. Outside of the workshops there was a lot of informal communication, useful networking and information sharing. It will be very interesting to learn the results of the workshops, how they will be implemented and when.


Alexander at the workshop.

U-NOVUS 10All together: Ivan, Tatiana, Konstantin and Alexander.

U-NOVUS 7Presentation of the results of workshops.

U-NOVUS 9Forum closure.

All in all, we had a great time at U-NOVUS, learned a lot, made new friends and good contacts, and won new clients. What more can you ask of a conference? Hope we see you there next year!

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