NTR Labs Proud to be Named as a Global Leader on the Clutch 1000 for 2020!

We know 2020 didn’t go exactly to plan, but we’re proud to say we’ve helped our clients adapt to a normal this year. We were able to leverage our 20 years of industry experience to implement cutting edge e-commerce solutions and make sure our customers had all they needed to succeed. 

A silver lining of the year is that NTR Labs has been included in a 2020 list of the best companies on the Clutch 1000! Clutch is a B2B market research firm and the Clutch 1000 is a global awards cycle that highlights the top 1% of vendors listed on their platform. 

We couldn’t have earned this award without the help of our wonderful clients! Take a look at some of the feedback they gave when interviewed by the Clutch team:

“We’ve worked with a lot of teams and NTR’s project management was amazing. We had daily communication and once they grasped the app’s concept, they really helped push the project forward from beginning to end. But for my constant feature creeps, we would have been ahead of schedule.” – CEO, Document Operations

“The project management was very impressive, especially when compared to other vendors. NTR’s team regularly met deadlines and always reported delays well in advance. An unexpected turnaround never threatened to stop critical progress. We communicated solely on Skype, Jira and GitHub.” – CEO, SelfieApp Inc.

“They perfectly met all my expectations; in fact, I’d say they surpassed them. The quality of work was better than I expected. We communicated by email and Skype, but mainly email to lay things out in writing.” – Freelance Entrepreneur

We’re proud to be praised for our hard work this year and look forward to even more success in 2021! If you’re new to NTR Labs, drop us a line and let’s talk about how we can help your business thrive in the new year!

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