NTR speaker @ .NET meetup

Viktor Aliev, one of our .NET developers, spoke at a local .NET meetup in Tomsk, Russia. 

The best way to tell you about the ideas shared at the conference are by sharing some of Viktor’s own words:

I named this short report for local meetup of .Net guys “Powershell & .Net: double bottom suitcase,” because I wished to shed light on another “secret” side of the Powershell runtime environment – possibility to interact with .NET standard and popular external classes so familiar to any .NET specialist due to everyday use.

Of course, I tried to explain each example using real life cases like sample data generation and voice notification. Some of the source code samples I got from my personal Powershell repository to show how useful it is.

Format of “live coding session” was chosen because interactivity is the main quality of Powershell and I wished to turn the lecture into a little interactive educational game closer to a real life Powershell using experience.

Suddenly, I found that people shown interest not only in the main topic of the report but in topic of Powershell in general as well. So I’m ready to keep sharing my Powershell experience.


Coding 2

.NET meetup 2

One of NTR Lab’s core competencies is development using .NET. We have a strong .NET team: team leads, seniors, middles.

.NET possibilities: used to develop a wide range of applications — from web to mobile to Windows-based.

Don’t hesitate to ask about .NET solutions that can be developed for you. Contact sales team to ykazantseva@ntrlab.com.

.NET meetup 3



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