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International Programmers’ Day was last week; today we give a special shout-out to those programmers who developed the apps that allow companies to communicate easily and provide services to clients from around the world.

NTR Lab is one of those companies; we work remotely using multiple technologies to communicate and collaborate with companies in dozens of countries. We also connect with them in person during road trips taken specifically to meet them.

Today we would like to tell more about life of our software development company and present the most popular and interesting stuff happened recently. We prepared list post with our TOPs.

It is easy to get to know us, who we are and what we do, by reading our blog. We’ve got readers from different countries.

TOP 10 countries that read our blog:

TOPs post

Our posts cover a variety of topics, such as Deep Learning, Neural Networks, SLAM (simultaneous localization and mapping), Blockchain, Robotics, various Conferences, Product/Market Fit (startup), etc. There are the most popular posts.

TOP 10 most read and shared posts:

1. Challenges using Industrial UAV systems for indoor navigation

2. Info From an Indoor Drone Navigation Developer

3. Coding Won’t Cut It: How to increase your deep learning skills

4. The Main Elements Of The Navigation Stack

5. Autonomous UAV (drone) for technical inspections

6. NTR Lab Developed The Autonomous Table That Could

7. (VIDEO) NTR LAB Rocks IT In Siberia

8. From AI (thinking) to AEI (feeling)

9. Blockchain – a selection of optimal solution for real projects

10. International Programmers’ Day


Our global clients include tech companies that lack the staff to develop and scale quickly, as well as non-tech companies with promising ideas, but lack the technical knowledge and personnel to realize them.

TOP 4 customer locations:

1. United States

2. Northern Europe

3. United Kingdom

4. Russian Federation


Of course, we are a very social company. We publish all the interesting stuff to social media. There are the most popular posts.

TOP 3 Facebook posts:  

1. NTR LAB and The Autonomous Table That Could (video)

2. NTR LAB and IT in Siberia (video)

3. NTR LAB @ SPRINT Robotics (video)

It seems we all love posts with good videos.

TOP 3 Twitter tweets:

1. NTR LAB @ AI Expo Europe in Amsterdam

2. NTR LAB @ DevPRO’18 in Siberia


It seems we all love conferences and networking events where we meet people with common interests.

I hope you enjoyed our TOPS. Thanks for joining us!

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