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NTR Lab contest: the winner


And the Winner Is…


Last month we described our decision to give back to the startup community, which is cornerstone of NTR Lab’s success, by giving away a development team for two months.

Today I want to announce the winner.

We gave our two-person development team to InsightMedi, a company originally from Spain that moved to Baltimore, MD.

InsightMedi has already had a taste of early success. Capitalizing on the fact that doctors and nurses already send images un-securely when seeking second opinions, the product gained 20,000 users in multiple countries, including a big community in India. Importantly, the system was built to be able to handle the inherent privacy laws that go along with anything medical.

Credit: http://technical.ly/baltimore/2015/03/19/why-insightmedi-moved-spain-baltimore/

Our developers will help InsightMedi add an image recognition feature to their existing medical education / social media network.

According to co-founder Juan González, “Everyone speaks image in the medical world.”

Our competition attracted great entrants, as the runner-up list shows.

It was challenging to select a winner, but we believe that our talented team will provide exceptional value to InsightMedi, as well as getting a lot of satisfaction working on a system that will help save lives.