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AI application in Healthcare

Continuing our series on AI implementation in different areas, today we’re talking about a field which has a huge impact on our lives — healthcare.

To the average person the level of change and sheer transformation that AI brings to the industry is not yet obvious. But we will see huge changes soon, in all aspects of healthcare from diagnosis and doctor interactions to medical therapy and health improvement.

This post can’t cover all possible AI and machine learning applications, let alone mention all the emerging technology and research that promises so much. Continue reading AI application in Healthcare

Amazing Innovator: Massoud Hassani and the Mine Kafon

As you all know, I work in the tech industry and while my company’s primary work is software development we also have an IoT department that’s just amazing. I love to watch the drones flying and other stuff I can’t discuss.

It’s not that software isn’t real, but it’s different than something you can touch.

I especially love learning about products that embody Richard Branson’s “doing good by doing well” ethos.

The one I want to share with you today is a brilliant innovation that solves a somber purpose. We all know how terrible war is; we see the images on social media, TV and newspapers. But the long-term aftermath is, in some ways, even more horrible. Imagine your child is playing soccer with friends and as they chase the ball the ground blows up. No warning, no nothing and years after the battles were fought.

All this went through my mind the first time I saw this video. It gave me hope and I want to share that with you today.

Video credit: Business Insider