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Blockchain – a selection of optimal solution for real projects

By Sergey Tsuprikov, NTR Lab Blockchain specialist

Blockchain technology continues to develop rapidly both in Russia and the worldwide. According to some recruiting agencies, the demand for blockchain specialists in just the Russian Federation has grown 40 times over the past six months.

There have been conducted about 10 hackathons for blockhain solutions in Russia over the past year. Many large Russian banks, such as Sberbank, Alfa Bank, Otkritie Bank, RosEvroBank, continue pilot projects to implement blockchain in their business processes and some have already switched its to commercial operations.

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Artificial Intelligence Amongst Various Industries

We met BPU Holdings at AI Expo Europe and invited them to share a post on our blog. We think you will enjoy it.

By Oh SangGyoon, CEO BPU Holdings

Today, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been widely accepted in our consumer products and is becoming well-adapted into daily communication styles.  The more educated individuals become on the technology, the better we understand and accept that AI is not a viable threat to our lives or our jobs – as Hollywood movies portray.  It becomes apparent that AI taps into many different industries other than technology. Here are a few applications amongst various industries and audiences that AI is advancing:

1. ZimGo Polling – In the 2016 US Presidential election, pollsters were baffled by the winning results of Trump versus Clinton.  In fact, our ZimGo Polling political forecasting tool predicted Trump’s win, way in advance. Introduced in 2017, ZimGo Polling is a state-of-the-art technology that uses Artificial Emotional Intelligence (AEI) and sentiment analysis, NLP, and machine learning to pioneer results in political forecasting.  In 2017, it was applied in the South Korean Presidential elections and proved that our forecast ranking was the fastest amongst competitors with only a 2% margin of error.

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NTR LAB and all the latest @ AI Expo Europe

There are lots of links in this post, since the event was full of great meetings and information!

Last week the NTR Lab team attended AI Expo Europe in Amsterdam. We were there to present our Autonomous UAV (drone) for technical inspections.

AI Expo Europe

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