US Roadshow: Drone Wows @ BBL Labs Launch Event

Last week NTR arrived in Houston for the main event of our US roadshow: the live Drone Demo.

Thursday, February 7

Yana tells the story:

We had a successful meeting with one of the world’s leading integrated energy companies. We presented our technology for technical inspections. It was quite a productive talk during which we found out the company’s specific technical inspection pain points. They were quite excited, because our drone can fly autonomously, without light, GPS or a human pilot. We are getting ready for a second meeting next week.

Thursday 7 FEB 1

Nick explains drone’s technology.

We also performed test flights for two other companies and showed how the drone flies and its obstacle avoidance. The tests were successful.

Thursday 7 FEB 3

Andrey babysitting the Drone.
We also met with a manufacturer of crawlers for technical inspections. We are discussing the potential of placing our software in their crawlers, since they have good hardware, but no navigation system. Their crawlers can ride walls, but there is only a camera on board and they are controlled manually. Combining their crawler with our navigation system will make a product that is hard to beat.

Thursday 7 FEB 9

Meet the  crawler.

Friday, February 8

On Friday, we returned to the hotel and celebrated a successful flight with a bottle of California red wine. Our guys also started assembling the large drone quadrocopter.

Friday 8 FEB

Andrey and Leonid are setting up the rangefinders.

February 9 & 10

We spent the entire weekend setting up our technology at Station Houston. We were so busy we only had time to eat once a day, but the food was great, it was sushi and Mexican cuisine. (Very filling!)

Saturday 9 FEB

Andrey, Aleksandr and Yana at the once-a-day meal.

On Sunday evening the drone performed perfectly, take-off, avoiding obstacles, returning to the starting point and landing. Hurray!

Video from Sunday’s flights. We are ready to present!

Sunday 10 FEB 1

Drone team after flying.

Sunday 10 FEB 2

Yana with the drone.

February 11 & 12

Yana and Nick are writing speech for Nick. Drone team is assembling big drone.

Wednesday, February 13BBL Labs Energy Tech Accelerator Launch Party & Drone Demo.

It was a very exciting day for us; two years in the making.

Our first meeting today confirmed the energy company’s interest; we will be doing a pilot program for them. 

Then came Station Houston. There were around 130 attendees from oil & gas consulting companies and startups. There were 3 speakers before us who talked about BBL Labs, an energy tech accelerator program.

The demo went fantastically well. The drone took off, flew over and around obstacles, returned to the starting point and landed.

Station Houston 1

Nick presents the drone.

Station Houston 4

Yana helps Nick with the presentation.

Nick talks about our autonomous drone for tech inspections.

The Drone flies!

Station Houston 8

Nick, attendees and the drones after our successful presentation.

The audience was excited, too and many people came to us afterwards to talk. We gained a lot of contacts for possible future partnerships.

Super satisfied with the day we went back to the hotel. We didn’t even have the energy to go to a restaurant, so we got takeout, then, exhausted, everyone crashed.

In honor of the successful flight the guys had a day off. They went to the NASA Museum, to a park with crocodiles, bought Texas souvenirs like  belts and Texas Ranger plaques. That evening we all went out to celebrate.

Thank you, Houston, for treating us so well.

Next stop: Silicon Valley (staying in San Francisco) till February 26.

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NTR CEO Nick Mikhailovsky

NTR CRO Yana Kazantseva, Skype: yana.kazantseva.

Website: NT Robotics.

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