US Roadshow: NTR @ Houston

For those who haven’t done them, roadshows consist mostly of working, eating and, hopefully, sleeping, whether you are management, marketing or technical.

Nick – CEO, often visits the US and has wide experience working with startups there.  Yana – CRO, often visits the US. Aleksandr – Dir R&D, previously worked in the US. He developed a walking robot before working on our drone. Leonid – software engineer, second time in the US. Andrey – hardware engineer, first time in the US.

Last week NTR was in Galveston. You can read it at US Roadshow: NTR @ the 2019 API Inspection and Mechanical Integrity Summit.

But it started in Siberia.

Thursday, January 31

Office 1Andrey: Getting ready; our office in the final days before the trip starts.

Friday, February 1

Office 2Andrey: Wrapping our drones for the trip.

Airport 1We were very careful, but airlines were not.

Saturday, February 2

Airport 2Leonid: Business trip to the US starts. Happy boarding.

IstanbulAleksandr, Andrey and Leonid changed planes in Istanbul. Every place looks beautiful at night.

ParisNick flew from Moscow and changed planes in Paris.  The Parisian sky is most beautiful.

Sunday, February 3

HoustonThe whole team met in Houston.

Nick from Moscow and three developers: Aleksandr, Andrey and Leonid from Tomsk, with the drones and crawlers, arrived in the US. They joined Yana, who started her trip a week earlier in NYC.

The team agreed to keep a journal for us to publish here.

Monday, February 4

After 40 hours on the road, with a stop in Istanbul, our engineers finally arrived in Houston. They were terribly jet lagged, but still having fun assembling drones and having different meals.

Monday 2Andrey: Unpacking and reassembling the hexacopter.

Phrase of the day: I do not know about you, but I am going to solder!

Monday 6

Yana joined them to take some pictures.

Monday 4

Aleksandr looks happy, is it oysters?

Monday 8Yana’s 17-plus hour days (5 am to 11+ pm) are filled with meetings and more meetings and still more meetings.

Monday 9Andrey, Leonid and the oysters.

Monday 7Aleksandr

Nick: We went to Fry’s electronics store for a soldering iron. It is located  in the vicinity of NASA and decorated accordingly.

Tuesday, February 5

Tuesday 1More food. We are nothing if not multicultural, so we had dinner at a Mexican restaurant.

Tuesday 2Tech team.

Nick: Machine assembled. Now we can eat again.

Tuesday 3Dinner at Thai restaurant. Very tasty soup

Yana: We are staying in a large motel by the road in South Houston. Aside from us there are few guests and it seems that the whole hotel has become our office. We run from room to room for discussions and work.

Nick assembles crawlers, the guys assemble drones, and then we eat; lunch and dinner are always in different restaurants.

Tomorrow will be a crucial day, we are going to the site, where, on February 13, there will be the first presentation flight of our autonomous drone in America. Tomorrow we will test launch the drone, get acquainted with the room and spend time with the people who organized the event.

Wednesday, February 6

Wednesday 2Nick, Leonid and Andrey at Station Houston to run test flights before actual demo on February 13th.

Wednesday 4Alexander checks out the testing room.

Wednesday 5Andrey and Leonid fine tuning the drone.

Test launch the drone.

Wednesday 12Another important meeting today was at Mistras.

Wednesday 11They asked us to demo our drone for them!

Wednesday 14Nick: We were at their training center where industrial climbers are training. These are dangerous jobs that the our drone can do, which will save lives.

Yana summarizes the day:

We successfully conducted the first test flights at Station Houston and also met with the people from Mistras, the largest company in Houston dealing with technical inspections. We learned their pain points and challenges, and saw how to use our technology to help solve them. Tomorrow we will demonstrate what our drone can do for them.

There are also a couple of challenging tasks for meetings and flights to deal with tomorrow. I’ll keep you informed.

Event we are taking part in:

February 13, 6:00 PM – 9:00 PM CST – BBL Labs Energy Tech Accelerator Launch Party & Drone Demo. Location: Station Houston, 1301 Fannin Street, ##2440, Houston.  We will be demoing our fully autonomous indoor drone and you are invited. Free entry. Save the date and add it  to your calendar.

Innovationmap: Houston venture capital fund launches energy-focused startup accelerator program.

Xconomy: Houston Investors Step Up to Bring Tech Innovation to the Energy Sector.

Find the full roadshow schedule in this post: Roadshow! Meet NT Robotics and its amazing drone.

And visit the newly launched NT Robotics website.

To discuss how the drone can solve your business problems and make you look good, contact NTR CEO Nick Mikhailovsky

To meet our team while they are in the US contact NTR CRO Yana Kazantseva LinkedIn, or Skype her: yana.kazantseva.

Stay tuned. We will be sharing additional roadshow details here and on our social media channels.

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