US Roadshow: NTR @ the 2019 API Inspection and Mechanical Integrity Summit

What joy! Out of Moscow and into warm, rainy Galveston, TX. (Yes, warm. Fifties is warm when home is 30 below zero F.) I’m here for the 2019 API INSPECTION AND MECHANICAL INTEGRITY SUMMIT.


Today was my first day and I was terribly jet lagged, but still it was great experience. I met many people from companies that provide technical inspections of all kinds.

There were companies with drones for external inspections and drones for complex spaces inspections. But all of them need GPS or other signals or require a pilot to fly their drones.

So I told them about NT Robotics technology: an unmanned drone that can fly autonomously in a GPS-denied environment.

It blew them away. That’s why it’s so much fun and always thrills me to tell people about our unique technology.

The conference itself is great. The sessions I attended today had very cool speakers and I’m looking forward to going to at least a couple more tomorrow.

API SSchedule. Sessions about UAV and Robotic Inspection.

But the most exciting conversation I had today was with Nathan Arant, Versa Integrity Group.

His colleague Jesus introduced him as the “drone expert.” We started with small talk about the weather and tomorrow’s “epic pool party” at the end of the conference day. And then, of course, we talked about drones.

Nathan said NT Robotics’ technology was very interesting to his company right now. (Sweet words to a CRO’s ears.) Our next step will be to bring Nathan and his team together with our engineers. We’ll explore synergies and how we can cooperate in the near future.

I’m finally back in my hotel room and very excited about tomorrow and the second conference day, and especially the pool party. I wonder what will make it “epic”…

I’ll keep you updated, but right now I’m going to crash (I hate jet lag). 

API 2Exhibition. Drones for inspections.

API 3Exhibition. This one is ready for making inspection.  


Stay tuned. We’ll be sharing more info about the roadshow, where/when you can see demos. Contact CRO Yana Kazantseva LinkedIn, or Skype her: yana.kazantseva for an invitation.

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