US Roadshow: Winding Down

NTR spent the week in San Francisco networking and attending meetings.

Yana went to DroneDev 2019: DeveloperWeek Event for Drone Industry Developers & Pilots.


The event is dedicated to engineers, developers, drone pilots & enthusiasts to learn about the latest drone technology. Nick went to meetings. (Guess who had more fun?)

SF meetup 3

Drone trends presentation

Demo of drone flying

Yana had some fun surprising people who run drone pilot services.

Yana (looking at one of the drones): Do you have autonomous drones?

Owner: Yes, we have them.

Yana: Can any of them fly inside structures where there is no gps?

Owner: It’s impossible to combine autonomy and flight without gps.

Yana: It’s possible. We make such drones.


In general, they were surprised, so we exchanged contact info. Our autonomous drone made for interesting conversations and opened a lot of eyes to new business they could develop for their own companies by using our drones.

San Francisco is such a neat city.

SF 20

Yana loves it there, especially the cable cars.

SF 21

Salesforce’s new headquarters

Our US roadshow was the first time we publically flew our drone, as well as doing test flights for potential clients and partners. There were dozens of meetings, many of which are on track to become sales, partnerships or other forms of long-term cooperation.

Station Houston video 2_Moment (2)

Drone Demo at Station Houston

Nick is off to LA for multiple meetings, then on to Toronto and then home. Yana is on her way home too.

On the whole, our first roadshow was a definite success.


NTR CEO Nick Mikhailovsky

NTR CRO Yana Kazantseva, Skype: yana.kazantseva.

Website: NT Robotics.

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