(VIDEO) NTR LAB Rocks IT In Siberia

Want to rock your startup, but lack IT expertise?

Shortage of qualified developers? No time to build the right team? Have an idea, but aren’t technical? Startup needs been there/done that advice? Speed is everything; to develop fast you need new developers to both start and scale.

We are NTR Lab — a custom software development company. We can help with all the questions above. We offer solutions. We develop our clients’ ideas using our existing teams.

NTR Lab team

Siberia is many things. Along with snow, gorgeous country, snow, ice, more snow, etc. But in Siberia that is also Tomsk, a hotbed of higher education, IT training, IT companies, and one of NTR’s largest development centers.

Our videographers used an ordinary drone to shoot this video that includes the gorgeous building we recently moved to, but their drone doesn’t hold a candle to the one our R&D folks built. It’s the world’s first and only completely autonomous drone for the technical inspection of oil tanks; they also built a very cool autonomous table. Besides R&D, our Tomsk facility other developers, programmers and testers working on a variety of projects. Along with a look at engineering the video includes more mundane tasks, such as Skype calls between Tomsk and our Moscow HQ, team meetings, English lessons, etc.

Watch video:

We hope our video made us more real to you.

We’ve done hundreds of projects over the years in the US and Europe, as well as internally, all of which give us enormous insight for your project.  

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About NTR Lab

NTR Lab is a software development company with headquarter in Moscow, Russia and a development center in Tomsk. Currently the team consists of 140+ world-class full time developers. NTR Lab helps software and hardware product companies to speed up software development utilizing a development process that works seamlessly across time zones, borders and cultures.

Among NTR’s core competencies are such high-demand areas as AI, Blockchain, Big Data-based projects and products, computer vision, image recognition and classification systems, complex multiplatform systems and apps, high-load/web-scale projects.

In 2016 NTR Lab created and built unique, embedded software for totally autonomous indoor UAV navigation.


NTR CRO Yana Kazantseva ykazantseva@ntrlab.com, Skype: yana.kazantseva.

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